Playing the Slots in Penguin City

Yggdrasil is widely recognized as a top iGaming label, and its games consistently attract attention as some of the most popular in the world. Given its relative youth, Yggdrasil has amassed a huge fan base, making it one of the most sought-after iGaming companies. The success of the brand since its inception in 2013 is not surprising when one considers the quality of its titles like Penguin City.

Although penguins play a role in this pokie, the setting is decidedly not Antarctic; instead, it has an Eastern vibe. Despite its surprise nature, it provides users with an enjoyable and unique experience, complete with stunning visuals, lifelike 3D characters, and exotic music from Asia. We anticipate that even people who aren’t usually into these kinds of themes will want to play because of how appealing the whole experience is.

In-Game Icons

The paytable is complex due to the presence of bonuses, large wins, and low wins in the game. Once you get over the overwhelming variety, though, you may be surprised by how much money you can win without even playing the side games.

There are a total of 10 symbols; the higher-value ones are depictions of Asian street cuisine, while the lower-value ones are simply the four suits of playing cards. The overall effect is wonderful, however it would have been lovely if the low value symbols were more cohesive with the theme. The wild symbol serves as the game’s primary bonus trigger, turning the norm on its head and breathing new life into a stale iGaming design.


There are no winlines in this game; instead, there are 243 ways to play. Please keep this in mind as we spin the 5 reels. As the 243 possibilities to win provide better unpredictability and thus greater opportunities, this type of arrangement can be considered as a double-edged sword, making it both easier and tougher to land a win due to the immensity of the matrix. The volatility is rather strong, as we went multiple spins without a single win.

However, after you’re familiar with the 3×5 betting grid, you can begin betting with as little as 0.10 credits. You can boost this to a maximum of 125 credits if you’re feeling really risky, but keep in mind that this will not affect the payouts in any way. Assuming you’re set to go, you may either manually spin the reels or activate autoplay. A three-of-a-kind is enough to win, but a five-of-a-kind earns you the best payouts.

Additional Value

The wild icon is the key to unlocking the slot’s main minigame, The Penguin Escape Mode, as well as serving as a sticky wild, as we discussed earlier. In addition, the wild can become stacked in this bonus round, increasing the potential payout even further.

Only the second and fourth reels can have Wild symbols appear, but once they do, they take over the game. If you’re lucky enough to activate the bonus round, you’ll get to join in on the antics of the penguins as they try to break out of the kitchen where they work. The penguins still have to cross the matrix to get from one side to the other, but this time it’s a kitchen instead of a market. While successful penguin escapes can result in additional wilds being added to the grid or even symbol swaps, unsuccessful attempts typically result in the penguins falling down a crevice between the kitchen countertops. It’s a cool extra that adds to the game’s contemporary feel.


The highest payouts can be found in the game’s high value symbols, but the highest paying icon still only awards 250 credits. This sum, of course, is for the rarer five-of-a-kind win rather than the more common three-of-a-kind victory. As a result, the wins are modest but respectable, provided the grid cooperates and provides you with good fortune; otherwise, you may only be able to snag a maximum of 70 credits. That’s still a decent sum of money, but it’s no mega-jackpot. If you want to win without spending too much money, we recommend playing with the lowest possible bet.


If you’re looking for a visually impressive game, you won’t find anything better than Penguin City, not even among Yggdrasil’s other titles. Plus, there’s a fun, interactive mini-bonus to play with, which turns into a mini-narrative you can almost read like a story. However, Yggdrasil has opted to focus on providing a fun experience for players rather than maximizing their earnings, thus financial returns may be lower than in older games. We like this better, although we understand that some players will want more for their money.

  • Considering the magnitude of the returns and the severity of the volatility, we would have to give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars if asked to rank it on a scale from 1-5. Still, that’s not a bad score for a slot machine, especially for a newer manufacturer, and we enthusiastically recommend Penguin City.

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